Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jai Ho !

O Dear ! What a great achievement, "Slumdog Millionaire" won 8 Oscars in 81st Annual Academy Awards, including Best Music Score and Best Original Song "Jai Ho !" penned by Gulzar Saheb.
I congratulate A. R. Rehman and Gulzar for this proud achievement .

This achievement is more special when some voices were against the view of filming of "Slumdog Millionaire" along with some respected and maestros of there arts Jagjeet Singh and Amitabh Bachchan. They pointed their fingers at magical and patent talent of Rehman and Gulzar. I liked the reaction of Rehman "Make your own movie if you don't like slumdog".

There are some random thoughts on some blogs who says "Ya we agree that Indian(Pure Indian although its not clear they meant ami marathi manus ahe or I am Indian Citizen will do?) movies also show poverty or undigestable stuff but there is no movie for such wide spread audience ! (they specified poorly done illogical storyline of Ghajini and Rab ne bana di jodi...ohh keep in mind one or both of them are huge success at box office(indian))".

Ha Ha funny ! It means Indian movies don't have internation standard. Then forget all the noise for biased judging in such International awards because that statement clearly says Indian movies are not for awards.

Last but not least I want to drag Chetan Bhagat into this too...(I wanted to say this long ago when "Hello" released) He said in his blog that critics don't understand this movie and they should meet with critics of his books). This translates into he was/is totally satisfied with movie and don't wanted to tolerate its negative review (He also advised not to slam him on his blog by claiming its his place not commenters, and yes he also specified he was open to positive criticism).

Now I want to tell Chetan that his books are great experience but "Hello" was totally soulless and since book and movie are different media hence there is no need reviewers should consult with book reviewer. He must have admitted that, but he didn't. I think its reason was that he was actively involved in movie while being shot.

I want to tell you chetan its "Slumdog Millionaire" how your books must have translated, if not then you should not have satisfied but compromized with admission of fact.

"Baat nikli hai to door talk jayegi !" After Jagjeet Singh and Chetan Bhagat I want to specify one more sorce which adds me as its hardcore fan, its "Big Bicture".

The question everyone, who were against "Slumdog Millionaire", raising was western media is selling poverty of India. I am not agree with it because this movie is based on novel and (even if not) shows story of such characters who are born poor guys. But Big Picture's one coverage based on "At work" which titles and claims it self as its reporting and covering working people at their work with picture of all around world. Needless to say most of pictures are from China and few are from India. I don't mind number of pictures but they have shown pictures from I as people in India work in only brick factory, candle factory or child labour. I agree all these things exist in India very much but as this cover story claims, It doesn't reflect "Men at work" in India. I might seem conflicting with my own thoughts on slumdog and on big picture but I am very much contrast. Slumdog doesn't claims nor it says every one in india is poor as you can see not every character in movie, living in India is poor, although it was a fiction drama, based on characters which are very much real. It never tried to claim it covered all dimensions of India. But in Big Picture, as per nature of there reporting they do represent reality with approx 100% coverage, which is certainly not true in their "At Work"coverage.

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