Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And story goes like this...

A Very warm welcome to my blog as well in a brand new year.
"Ek kahani khatam to dooji shuru ho gayi Mamu !!!
Now dear all...allow me to share myself with all of you, from now and on. I'll play and share my inner self in this virtual playground in order and hope to crack some real ground.

Let me tell you this blog spelled as 'Fusionstrings' composed of two words, fusion+strings. I find myself into lot of loosely coupled arenas of human life which span from web designing (which is fortunately my profession too) to photography, poetry to drawing, movies to music and lot more and still counting. I am trying to fuse all these skills in some direction desirable to me.

Ahh..well 'fusionstrings is lot more thoughtful and adorable to me (for that shake this blog is taking stance he he)... but I must say one of most natural reason was my love towards fusion music of pakistani band 'Junoon' I often feel lost in there wonderful lyrics one can find mostly in ghazals and energetic music. Then came another band from same origin named 'strings'. I tell you these guys are really really amazing they have all one need to hipnotize one to sooth on desperate mind. there 'duur' song was best combination of music which has less noise but no less energy soothing voice and deeply felt (I hope by lyricst) lyrics.

And then suddenly life took few rough turns which includes couple of left, right and even U turns, and life automatically shifted in top gear. Its irony that one fine day(technically night) when I realized I am no more in ease to be able to sleep, I discovered evry unique and overlapping pixel of my body and soul is solid filled with hate for same contry which is origin of finest music and lyrics I ever liked. It was a big U turn of streight thinking, which pushed me towards desperation to act in some manner.

I would like to salute our heros who are continuously saving us. I would like to slam those politicians who never think about or value life of an Indian. I strictly slam our socity who themselv are nuetral towards national interest and issues and hold no patriotizm. I get shoked when I found peoples asking if there was someone whom I know in 26/11 mumbai terror attack, so I am expressing this much anger. What??? Shall I wait till I loose someone. The people whom I find interested in some issues belong to regional or party biased dustbin.

There is a lot to say and more than that to execute and accomplish. I have decided to do what I can. The best I can do now is to pour my thoughts in front of all world. I have decided to appreciate and support campaigns like "Jago Re !" and initiate few at my level. I have decided to everything so I never think I could have done this. I don't want to slam indirectly myself by doing nothing than verbal slamming to responsible(read irresponsible) bodies.

Bring a being part of it.


  1. i would like to salute you as well. at least you have expressed your views & i am completely agree with u . keep it up

  2. vandemartam pic is beautiful pic that you have designed.