Friday, September 7, 2012

Navigation guide for fresher engineers

While pursuing engineering, students overlook the need to grow and expand knowledge and understanding beyond classroom. Only if this is not the case we may see lot of innovation and skilled professionals coming out of college gates at end of precious four years.

When we see a lot of unemployment, we  must introspect about reasons behind it and when we start digging, not much down we find that it is absence of skilled labour which is responsible for this situation. Either Engineers freshly coming out of colleges don't meet industry skill demand or they become outdated during course of four years. Clearly Indian education system is not designed and acting as bridge to connect industries with students.

If without getting into multilayer discussion on education system and further road ahead, we may largely conclude that there is a little we can do to improve the system. So let's focus on what we can do in current scenario to improve individual career prospect.

It's generally presumed that only key to success is to dissolve textbooks in memory and look nowhere else, even if it means one has to refrain from updating himself with what's current and new. Having new insights and skills wouldn't hurt. If one learns and acquires knowledge of some skills up to advance or intermediate level they might increase their chances to get hired many folds.These skills can be anything ranging from being better programmer in language which interest you or being a hardware or networking superhero.

Web is an amazing place. It provides so many opportunities. Infact the very application serving you this text is a complex web application and founders of it are rich beyond thoughts. Web application development accommodates designers, developers, testers, database admins, managers, executives, photographers, illustrators so on. In short any skill holder has a place on web thus web development sounds appealing.
Another area of bright future is native mobile application development.

I encourage you to develop web development skills and seek job in that field it would certainly fetch you handful jobs any given time. I am a professional Web Developer and I present myself to help you horn web development skills. Post your queries if you face difficulties navigating your way in this regard, I'll certainly do the needful.

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